Exceptional Quality Exhaust Systems & Tube Bending

From the moment you call us or walk through our door, you will know you have come to the right place for the development and manufacture of your stainless steel exhaust systems and automotive parts. Exceptional quality and customer service has been the key to Cheesman's success since 1973 and it is part of everything we do. From personal service to those in need of technical assistance, to patiently addressing your manufacturing specification for cost, quality and delivery, Cheesman’s staff have years of experience of dealing with these issues everyday and will go to extraordinary lengths to support our clients in every way.

We believe in making a difference. Cheesman stands for value for money, quality, innovation, fun and a sense of competitive challenge.

Quality Stainless Products

Cheesman ascribe to the highest quality standards in component manufacture. Our specialist engineers are trained in the latest manufacturing techniques through in-house and educational seminars. Our documented production process and procedures ensure you that all parts are manufactured professionally and to exacting standards. And we back up our work with a Company guarantee on all manufactured parts. During 2017 Cheesman's "on-time delivery success rate" was 100%.


We pride ourselves on the thoroughness and detail provided on each and every design that we produce for our clients. Our goal is to make sure that every part of your requirement is understood and manufactured to your satisfaction. It is because of this continued commitment to detail, that we have earned the reputation that we have today.


We work with major vehicle and vessel manufacturing companies every day. We work directly with your technical team and on your behalf to make sure that your requirements and value expectations are met.

Our pre-production development process starts with the Cheesman’s Development Team building a template exhaust system that will meet your design requirements. This template system is used to manufacture an initial small batch of systems for testing. Following successful testing and acceptance, volume production will begin to meet your demand.


We will manufacture volumes to meet your vehicle or vessel production sales. Keep us informed of your production budget and we will schedule manufacture to meet your demand. Cheesman can deliver your stock to your factory.

Kanban & Just-In-Time Service

Our provision of a Kanban service enables client lean manufacturing by adherence to lead times and requested quantity of supply. Cheesman provides just-in-time delivery to meet specific production capacity. If your factory is using lean production methods, activating Cheesman's Kanban service can improve return on investment by reducing inventory levels and increasing the inventory turnover rate. We will reduce your production lead times by having your components on hand in our warehouse. During the whole of 2017 Cheesman's "good product delivered rate" was 99.84%.


For over 40 years Cheesman has maintained a well-deserved reputation for exceptional customer service and exhaust manufacture. Our experience and attention to detail have earned us the reputation that we have today. We deliver a quality service by empowering our employees. Our production engineers each have an average of over 25 years experience in exhaust fabrication.

Environmental Concerns

Cheesman goes to great lengths to maintain healthy and safe working conditions for its employees while striving to protect our environment. Stainless steel is a green product for the environment. Stainless steel will last for many, many years and is a reusable product that can withstand extreme temperatures, does not stain or rust, and it can be recycled. We comply with all HSE regulations for a manufacturing environment.

Exceptional Quality